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How necessary is duct cleaning?

Indoor air quality is of utmost importance. How necessary is duct cleaning? There are many factors that influence your indoor air quality, and as a result, your air ducts,If It  necessary duct cleaning just call us now: (404) 512-2726

Among these are pets, home inhabitants, cigarette or cigar smoke, various pests, and environmental effects such as rain, sand, and local air pollution, not to mention ordinary dust and dust mites. Requesting ducting cleaning when the buildup of contaminants is obvious is a must, Necessary duct cleaning just call us now: (404) 512-2726  There are a number of ways to determine if ducts are in need of cleaning:

  • necessary duct cleaning
    necessary duct cleaning

    If you observe a puff or cloud of dust when heat or air kicks on.

  • It is a must upon purchasing a new home.
  • Any time remodeling or new construction has been completed.
  • Whenever water has been introduced to the ventilation system, a duct cleaning is necessary to prevent mold and bacteria growth.
  • If you see a buildup of dust on the outside of vents and cool air returns.
  • When you become aware of an infestation of pests such as mice, rats, ants, termites, fleas, or even birds and squirrels.
  • When a family member is having significant dust or pollen allergy flares, even when the air conditioning is running.
  • When dark or black dust is observed near the vents, as this indicates that the buildup is being recycled through the HVAC system.
How necessary is duct cleaning?
How necessary is duct cleaning?

necessary duct cleaning just call us now: (404) 512-2726 

The EPA and NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association) both report that healthy air means a healthy home. Based on findings by NADCA, many homes have an air quality that is 70% worse than the outside air! Dirty air contributes to a number of health issues for people with asthma, allergies and some autoimmune disorders. Clean air is one vital step towards better health for your whole family.

To ensure that your entire system is properly cleaned, Hurricane assures you that we will remove, clean and reset the following: registers, cool air supply returns, diffusers, and grilles.

These components will be cleaned as well as assessed to be sure that they are free from moisture, contaminants, and staining: supply air plenum, return air plenum free of dust and debris?
Hurricane will also remove, clean and reinstall the blower motor, making sure the housing and assembly are free of dust and debris.

We will also clean the evaporator coil, drain, and pan as well as replacing the air filter for your HVAC system.

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