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HVAC media filter replacement

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I know a lot about HVAC systems (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning). They are built to modify the environment in your home or business. This modification is to achieve the comfort of people inside. Such systems can be found in commercial, suburban, and industrial buildings. In order to keep people cool or warm, some type of forced ventilation is needed. Essentially your ventilation system is a necessity for modern living.

However, a cooling or heating unit is not a set it and forget it type of system. Many complications can arise that will mess up the complicated ductwork throughout your abode.

I know that the professionals at Hurricane LLC can help you service your heating and AC unit. If I were you, I would set up an appointment today by calling the number 404 777-0563.

Often people are surprised by how much repairs and upkeep their ductwork will need throughout the year. But like all things, I know the complications that residents deal with can be handled easily by the team at Hurricane.

Speaking of complications with HVAC, the filter for your system can be a significant but overlooked component. If a filter’s medium is dirty, it will need to be taken care of sooner than later. Let me tell you what a dirty system looks like. Firstly, the filter is responsible for collecting dust, dirt, and other particles that shouldn’t be breathed in by humans. A new filter with the proper filter medium can help anyone enjoy breathing clean and fresh oxygen all year round.

However, the installation of a new replacement filter cartridge isn’t something that just anyone should handle. I know from personal experience that swapping to a new brand filter, which includes new filter media, should be handled by a contractor. A good contractor will be able to remove and install a new filter with ease.

Trust me when I say that this small change will boost the air quality indoors for all. The top-rated professionals at Hurricane LLC know all about the importance of changing filter media. I can assure you their process is safe and efficient. The installation of new filter media will proceed without complications.

Now let me explain a little more: Filter media is stored in a filter cartridge that holds the media. The media is the material that catches all the dirt coming into the vents. Removal of a dirty filter is essential to care for your system properly.

HVAC Media Filter Replacement Service
HVAC Media Filter Replacement Service

Not making sure someone handles the removal of your filter will lead to an unpleasant experience. You can pick any brand, but the professionals at Hurricane can provide their expertise on what brand of filter media to use for prime performance. Therefore, I know that not just the removal but the installing of your filter is important to them.

Why Filters are essential and the replacement of filter cartridges

Your HVAC depends on clean and clear filters. As stated above, the changing of the filter medium will improve air quality, allowing you to breathe easier. However, having the filter media changed by a contractor will also help with the performance of your AC unit. The issue is that as the filter cartridges get dirtier, a replacement could save the HVAC system. Trust me when I say that a dirty filter can lead to your system running harder than it needs too.

I believe only a professional contractor should help to clean your HVAC system. Be sure to call for more information and to get a free price quote while on the phone. In fact, I know that neglecting to contact a contractor will result in high energy bills and maybe a broken HVAC system.

Some different type of media and replacement filter cartridges

  • Antimicrobial: these prevent the build-up of mold and mildew. Mold can reproduce on the filter, causing you to breathe it in and become sick. This media is great for sterile environments like hospitals or places where a lot of moister is present.
  • Leed: Leed stands for Leadership in Energy and Environment Design. Having a Leed filter in your home or business will give you points for a green building cert.
  • Fiberglass: this media is created from tiny strings of spun glass. It has a very high debris holding threshold because of the nature of fiberglass.

Don’t just buy any brand; let the professionals handle the difficult task of picking the right filter for your needs.

Signs It’s Time to have your filter cartridge replaced

Your cooling system has lackluster cooling abilities: If your AC is just not as cold as it should be or used to be, then a clogged filter could be the issue. Dirty filters slow down the flow as it travels within the ductwork.

Even still, don’t just assume the filter is the issue; have a nearby contractor serve your ventilation system. A contractor can check the filter and your ductwork for any issues hiding from sight.

You smell mold or an old odor: If you have allergies, this can be annoying and dangerous. Mold, if grown on the filter, will spread spores every time the system is turned on. I can assure you that this is a danger to your health.

Poor flow: If your ductwork vents aren’t ventilating in their usual way, it could be the filter blocking the flow throughout your home or business. I know at that point, many businesses or homeowners turn up the cooling and heating system. All that strategy will do is lead to a high energy bill.

Where you can fix this problem

I explained the importance of changing the filter. Let a professional handle the hassle. Don’t breathe dirty oxygen anymore due to a filthy filter. Get a replacement filter cartridge today. However, I know you will need professionals to handle the task properly. Therefore, If you are in the Georgia area, then Hurricane LLC is a great option. They will attend to your ductwork, preform duct repair, and duct sealing. Call 404 777-0563. They even serve the Atlanta area, which is a beautiful place I call home.

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