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How Much Does It Cost For Dryer Vent Cleaning?

A clothes dryer is considered an effective assistant in washing clothes because it will help your clothes always be ready despite all weather conditions. However, you must also pay attention to maintenance for the machine to work long and stable. 

In the following article, let’s find out “how much does it cost for dryer vent cleaning” with Hurricane LLC.

What Factors Affect Dryer Vent Cleaning Prices?

The main expense component in dryer vent cleaning is the time it takes. Don’t put off cleaning if it’s been a while since your previous session. 

Other considerations are the location of your dryer and if animals have gained entry and made your pleasant, toasty dryer vent their permanent home.


You may have a longer vent pipe than usual if your dryer is situated far from an outside wall of your house. The difficulty of cleaning longer vents often raises the cost of vent cleaning.

In other instances, a long dryer-to-wall distance indicates that your walls contain pipes that wrap around other objects.


The main cost determinant is how long it takes to clean your vent. Since there may be more junk to remove, if it has been a while since your vent was cleaned, it may cost extra to get it cleaned. The typical professional will need between 45 and 60 minutes.

Vent Type and Length

The dryer vent cleaning cost is the same whether your vents are slender, rigid, or semi-rigid. However, cleaning longer vents will cost more since it takes longer.

Vent Rotates

The cost of cleaning will depend on how many bends there are in your vent material. Every 90-degree vent turn makes dryer vent systems more challenging to clean. 

Make sure you hire a professional to thoroughly clean your dryer vent at each 90-degree turn if your vent is lengthy and winding with several twists.


If a dryer vent isn’t cleaned often, lint may accumulate to the point where the outside vent cover is pushed open. Your ducts may get infested with pests, costing between $120 and $250 to remove. 

You may also need to employ a pest control specialist to get rid of bugs in your vents. Put a cover over your dryer to protect it from the elements and keep animals away.

External Disturbances

Yes, Mother Nature may increase the cost of cleaning your vents. This is because birds and squirrels sometimes build their nests in dryer vents. After all, they are warm and secure. If you have a roof vent, this happens more often.

It will take longer to clean out your vents to ensure no obstructions are left if animals have used lint and other debris from your garments to build a nest. Your dryer may not be as effective as it once was because of a hidden nest.


You’ll most likely need to clean your dryer vent once a year. However, if your dryer is located far from an outside wall, you should think about doing two cleanings each year since more dirt will be traveling through your pipes.

Consider scheduling quarterly cleanings if you live in a bigger home where the dryer is always on to keep up with the demand.


You may install plastic or metal guards on the exterior of your dryer vent to deter tiny animals from entering your house or creating nests there. Many guards also double as covers for bathroom exhaust vents. 

Installing a guard typically costs between $30 and $100. However, some contractors may install them for less money if numerous vents must be covered at once.


Many homeowners will clean their dryer vents as part of a complete HVAC system cleaning. Air duct cleaning often costs between $270 and $490. However, some HVAC technicians may combine dryer vent cleaning with HVAC cleaning as part of a package service at a discount or free of charge. Before settling on pricing with a certain contractor, enquire about packages.

How Much Does It Cost For Dryer Vent Cleaning?

Cost For Dryer Vent Cleaning

Cost Per Foot To Clean A Dryer Vent

Depending on where the vent is and if there are any other problems, the cost to clean a dryer vent is often a set rate. 

Some professionals, however, charge between $90 and $160 per hour. The average contractor cleans 15 feet of duct in an hour. Thus a foot of dryer vent duct costs $6 to $11. 

The final price is affected by the person doing the work, the vent’s location, size, the number of 90-degree twists, and the level of cleaning required. The cleaning typically takes between 30 and 60 minutes. Cleaning a vent will take longer the longer it is.

Consequently, the price goes up in line. Long vents that need extensive cleaning may have the price broken down per foot. However, the majority of experts bill by the hour.

Cost of Dryer Vent Cleaning by Location

Depending on where in the house, a dryer vent cleaning job will cost different amounts. For instance, using a dryer on the ground level is simpler than one on the second. A dryer vent on the roof is even more difficult to reach than any of them. 

Homeowners may more accurately predict what to anticipate depending on the setup of their dryer by knowing the pricing based on geography. 

Prices vary from $100 to $175 for straightforward placements to $125 to $300 for difficult-to-access places, depending on where the dryer is located.

Cost Of Basement Dryer Vent Cleaning

Basement dryer vents are among the least costly to clean, costing between $100 and $175. Because basements are often easy to reach, the cost is inexpensive. 

Professionals can rapidly clean them since they are accessible and often located near outside walls. 

Most of the time, a single specialist can do the task quickly, which helps maintain costs lower than in certain places.

Cost Of Cleaning The First-Floor Vent

The first-floor dryer vents, which typically cost between $100 and $175 to clean, are another site that is simple to clean. Most first-floor dryer vents are accessible, just like those in the basement. No need to deal with lengthy vents far away or climb stairs. 

The cost is lower than in other places since experts can simply access the majority of these vents. Anyone with expertise will normally find the procedure to be fast and simple.

Cost Of Second-Floor Vent Cleaning

In the second story, vent cleaning costs between $125 and $200. As you get higher, it may become harder to reach the vent. Hence the fee is more. 

Cleaning the area can need more equipment and take longer. As a result, labor costs go up. The vents often exit from a side wall or attic, which is tougher to access. More regular cleaning can be required if the vent is longer than normal.

Cost of Roof Dryer Vent Cleaning

Due to their awkward position, cleaning up dryer vents on roofs may cost anywhere between $150 and $300 per vent. Roof vents are more exposed to the outdoors and are more prone to collect trash. More so than standard vents, they clog. 

Roof dryer vents cost more because it takes more time to reach and clean outside vents than interior ones, which are simpler to access and clean. The cost will increase as the vent becomes more difficult to reach.

Cost of Dryer Vent Cleaning by Problem

Different issues need various approaches. Your dryer vent issue may be resolved for $100 to $400, depending on how dirty the vents are. Some problems are simple to solve. Some need a lot more time, resources, and labor. 

These few factors influence the ultimate price differently. Bird nests in dryers, jams, and discovering damp lint in the dryer are the three most frequent issues that homeowners encounter. 

The table and sections below show how much it would cost to have these issues resolved by a professional and the method used.


A blocked dryer vent may cost households $100 to $200 to clean. To minimize greater power costs and to stop the dryer vent from entirely clogging, it’s critical to clean the dryer vent as soon as you realize it’s blocked. 

The major causes of a full dryer vent obstruction are too much lint accumulation, dirt, and debris. However, an impediment like dryer sheets, a bird nest, or rat homes might cause it. 

Whatever the situation, it’s critical to address the clogging’s root cause before it escalates into more serious problems.

Dry Lint

Suppose you see damp lint, budget $100 to $300 for dryer duct cleaning. Poor ventilation often results in wet lint because the dryer condenses and produces moisture. 

When the dryer is turned off, the condensation, moisture, and lint build up in the exhaust system and flow back into the dryer, wetting the lint. Check and clean your exhaust pipes at least once a year to ensure they are operating correctly to prevent this.

Bird Nest

Professionals often charge $150 to $400 to remove a bird nest from a dryer vent, an issue that frequently affects homeowners. Because dryer vents provide the most safety and warmth, birds, squirrels, and other rodents often attempt to construct nests. 

However, the nesting material prevents clothing particles from readily leaving, clogging the vents. To eliminate any birds, eggs, or animals dwelling in the nests, you must call wildlife removal experts if you observe any activity. 

A specialist enters the stage to clean the vents of any leftover nest material and trash after removing the animals. Seal the vent’s exit with covers and ventilation screens to stop further infestations and obstructions of this kind.

Service Cost for Cleaning Dryer Vents by Company

For $75 to $250, several businesses provide dryer vent cleaning services. Every business has a unique service package that may include annual services, inspections, one-time cleaning, and cleaning a dryer vent with another appliance, and one-time cleaning. 

Sears, Dryer Vent Wizard, and Coit are a few of the most well-known businesses in the US that provide these cleaning services. Here is a breakdown of their cleaning service packages and associated costs.

FAQs About Dryer Vent Cleaning

Should you hire a professional to clean your dryer vent?

Although a person may clean a dryer vent on their own, there are many benefits to hiring a contractor. A thorough professional cleaning lowers the fire danger brought on by excessive lint. The cleaning expert may also check the dryer for any other problems.

Is it worthwhile to clean dryer vents?

To protect your safety and the safety of others living in your home, dryer cleaning is worthwhile and something you should often do. A blocked vent may result in various problems, with fire and structural damage being two of the most serious ones.

Why does a dryer vent become clogged?

The lint accumulation in the vent system is the major reason for a blocked dryer vent. Dryers may be a few feet away from an outside wall in contemporary houses. 

Lint may gather in bends in the long vent. Lint builds up in the vent, clogging it and reducing airflow. The vents must be cleaned often since this might pose a safety risk.

Can I do my dryer vent cleaning?

DIY cleaning is achievable using cleaning kits, which you can purchase for $15 to $50 from various sources. 

However, a qualified expert must be contacted for the cleaning if your dryer is powered by gas. They possess the skills required to clean the dryer’s vents and arrange them so that they may operate without obstruction. 

Make careful to verify your local laws beforehand since certain jurisdictions need a license to install and maintain any gas appliances.


In summary, depending on the condition of your dryer, the cost to clean the ventilation ducts will range from $100 to $490. But to make sure your dryer is running smoothly, the price is very affordable.

Hopefully, the information in the article has helped you know the price for cleaning and maintaining the clothes dryer so that it will last well over time to suit your budget and dryer vent condition. 

Don’t forget to visit Hurricane LLC regularly to keep up to date with interesting clothing and home care information as well as Hurricane LLC Dryer Vent Cleaning Service. 

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