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What does professional air duct cleaning involve?

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, this process usually refers to cleaning different parts of forced air heating and cooling systems, especially ducts and vents (although the cleaning activities extend into other sites, such as grilles and condenser coils). It may include booster fan cleaning in some settings.

Can a homeowner perform DIY air duct cleaning?

Unfortunately, most property owners lack the tools and the specialized training required to perform this cleaning comprehensively. The forced-air heating and cooling system ducts and vents used in most human-made structures utilize narrow channels. These passages sometimes extend for yards within the interiors of walls, floors, or ceilings in a home or a business.

How does this specialized type of cleaning occur?

First, a customer books an appointment with a qualified air duct cleaning firm like Hurricane LLC. The cleaning technicians arrive for the meeting, bringing along several specialized tools. The steps involved in vent and air duct cleaning require dislodging embedded dirt and grime, using a powerful vacuum system to extract the debris completely. After a thorough cleansing, cleaners sometimes apply biocides to kill any surviving bacteria. The level of disinfection typically relates to the use of the premises. For example, a simple cleaning may suffice in a home environment, whereas booster fan cleaning and chemical agents’ application may prove crucial in some research labs.

How can a property owner clean an air duct or vent affordably in Georgia?

Widely used household cleaning tools cannot produce thoroughly cleaned ducts in most sites without causing damage (nor do these implements extract debris effectively). For this reason, customers in Atlanta, Georgia, and outlying communities call (404) 512-2727 to obtain the services of an affordable specialized air duct and vent cleaner. Hurricane LLC provides the skills of experienced technicians. As a full-time duct cleaner, we’ve invested in commercial-grade cleaning equipment designed to dislodge and extract debris from air ducts and vents.

What types of materials do property owners discover in air ducts and vents?

Over time, air ducts collect windblown dust and other debris carried along by the airflow of a forced-air heating and cooling system. Large particles, such as mold spores, sometimes fall to the surface. Additionally, rodents and wildlife occasionally access narrow ducts and vents inside buildings and homes. These creatures may deposit feces and urine on the surface of a duct. Additionally, they may leave twigs, leaves, mud, and other nest-building materials behind. Sometimes homeowners don’t even notice debris inside a duct upon visual inspection because much of the dirt remains hidden deep within the interior.

Who should consider ordering regular professional air duct and vent cleaning services?

Affordable air duct and vent cleaning enhance virtually every home and business in Atlanta, Georgia, and outlying areas. However, individuals who suffer from allergies caused by circulating mold spores or pollens usually regard this type of debris removal as essential for their comfort. If in doubt, consider checking with a household member’s allergist for advice concerning the advisability of obtaining this type of cleaning process.

What benefits result from the professional air duct and vent cleaning?

A duct cleaner performs debris removal, eliminating contaminants that potentially degrade indoor air quality. Many benefits flow from maintaining regularly cleaned ducts and vents. Some of the most important include reducing circulating pollen, mold spores, and other potential allergens; improved indoor air quality; more efficient heating and cooling within the home; unobstructed interior airflow; and enhanced fire safety.

Will air duct and vent cleaning cause property damage?

A correctly cleaned air duct or vent won’t sustain harm during the cleaning process. It makes sense to use the services of a skilled cleaner. An incorrectly cleaned vent recirculates dirty air through the premises. Additionally, a cleanser may accidentally damage a duct during the use of improperly sized cleaning tools and equipment. Experienced technicians employ the right technology to achieve clog removal and debris removal without damaging duct walls and vents.

What air duct and vent cleaning services does Hurricane LLC provide in Atlanta, Georgia, and outlying areas?

We offer several necessary dryer vents and air duct cleaning services. Customers call us at (404) 512-2726 to obtain residential air duct cleaning, commercial air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, and carpet cleaning. We also install and maintain UVC Max 36 equipment and perform skilled media filter replacements.

Why does my dryer vent require cleaning?

Dryer vent cleaning involves using specialized tools capable of cleaning narrow pipes and vents. During the process of drying clothes, a dryer blows hot air across fabrics. The machine dislodges very small, lightweight bits of material called “lint” from garments’ surfaces. Most of these fine strands collect within the lint screen (safety experts recommend regularly performing dryer lint screen cleaning for this reason). However, a small percentage of lint passes across the lint screen barrier and exits through a dryer vent. Over time, due to airflow patterns, lint may accumulate within the vent pipe. The delicate strands may form clogs capable of obstructing airflow. Customers help prevent the buildup of lint by performing lint screen cleaning frequently and by asking a cleaner to remove this potentially flammable material at regular intervals.

Don't biocides provide an alternative to air duct cleaning?

No, unfortunately, using biocides alone for line sanitizing won’t offer practical cleaning assistance. Property owners must first obtain the removal of dirt and debris cluttering the ducts for these chemical applications to coat the surface reliably. A skilled, well-equipped duct cleaning firm offers valuable help to achieve this goal. Following debris removal and clog removal, line sanitizing using chemical cleaning agents proves more effective because the cleaner can contact a duct surface to perform mold or microbe removal. Although many full-time dryer vent cleaning and air duct cleaning companies do not apply biocides to achieve line sanitizing, all reputable businesses in this industry focus upon the debris and clog removal to improve airflow quality.

Can you suggest any safety tips to help prevent home dryer fires?

The United States Fire Administration website contains a checklist of helpful tips to follow to minimize a fire’s risk starting in either a home dryer or a dryer vent.

Can you suggest any safety tips to help prevent home dryer fires?

The United States Fire Administration website contains a checklist of helpful tips to follow to minimize a fire’s risk starting in either a home dryer or a dryer vent. Click Here To See The Checklist 

Will obtaining regular air duct and vent cleaning from qualified cleaning contractors assist a household budget?

Requesting regular air duct and vent cleaning services enables some customers to maintain more efficient home heating and cooling systems. This process potentially ensures the standard extraction of dust, pollen, mold spores, and other windblown debris. Over time, the buildup of grime and debris inside ducts impedes the smooth recirculation of clean air through the home. Dirty ducts may require a central heating and cooling system to work harder than necessary to maintain desired indoor temperature ranges. Property owners help minimize this problem by seeking periodic duct and vent cleaning.

Can I book cleaning services from Hurricane LLC in Georgia online?

Yes! Visit to book an appointment online at a convenient date and time. You may also call us at (404) 512-2726 to request a free estimate.