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Importance of Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning Service in Atlanta

Every year, thousands of structural fires take place due to clothes dryers. According to reports, these fires incur losses that amount to more than one hundred million dollars each year. These include damage to property, injuries, and death. So, any homeowner who has a washing machine connected to a venting system should contact a service provider offering Dryer Vent Cleaning in Atlanta to prevent such accidents.

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Regular dryer vent cleaning can prevent structural fires, but homeowners often don’t sense the danger lurking around so close to them. That is why it is essential to note the number of times the dryer vent is used in a week. Professional dryer vent cleaners can take out the grime and debris if house owners contact them early. But before that, they should know the last time the dryer vent was cleaned. The more the vent is used, the more dirt it accumulates. It reaches a stage when no more dirt can pass through, and the vent is totally blocked. When this continues for long periods, the vent becomes vulnerable to short circuits that catch fire.

With expert dryer vent cleaners, homeowners can be assured that all the lint and debris jammed inside the vent will go away. The technicians use the latest tools and vacuum cleaning machines to suck the dirt accumulated inside. They don’t create a mess while cleaning the vent because the tools pump out the dust using a container. The technician first inspects the condition of the vent before cleaning it. Sometimes the amount of debris is so much that it becomes difficult to get an idea of the depth of the vent. The company providing dryer vent cleaning in Atlanta can use small cameras attached to the tools that help the technician strategize how to clean the vent.

Why dryer vent cleaning is necessary

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For many homeowners, dryer vent cleaning is a necessity. Most people are not aware of how to clean the tailpipe or the lint catcher, and if the vent is not well maintained, it can accumulate dust over time. There are many more reasons why this service is essential for house owners:

• Saves money

Many think that hiring a company for dryer vent cleaning in Atlanta can be expensive, but that is not true. It actually helps to save a lot of money both in the short term and long term. First, it eliminates the risk of a fire in the house. That is not just a money-saver, but also a life-saving factor. Apart from averting fire, occasional dryer vent cleaning can also make the washing machine more energy efficient. The lower energy usage saves a bundle of cash every month for the electricity bills. Therefore, what seems expensive now is an investment to save thousands in the long run.

• Maintain compliance requirements

Many home insurance companies inspect the house if the homeowner wants to sell it for some reason. One of the areas of concern for these companies is the dryer vent section. Keeping this part clean will ensure that the house complies with all the insurance inspection requirements; otherwise, the value of the house may go down to a great extent. Moreover, occasional checks are essential so that the house owner knows that the dryer vent is not a threat to the house.

• No more damp clothes

The primary function of dryer vents is to dry the clothes inside the washing machine, but due to the dust and debris that collects inside, the garments don’t dry quickly. In fact, if the vent is jammed with debris, the clothes may not dry at all. They will remain damp even if they stay in the dryer for hours. Quick cleaning of the vent will eliminate all these problems. These vents are a part of the drying cycle of clothes, and if they don’t function properly, the clothes are affected.

• Quick drying of heavy garments

The dryers are frequently used throughout the year, but they go through a tough time after the winters when homeowners wash woolen clothes, fur coats, and even quilts. These are bulky items that take time to dry. But if the vent is full of lint already, the dryer may not work for these items. dryer vent cleaning is essential to make sure that they don’t prevent the drying cycle of the clothes or woolen items inside.

• No breakdown of the dryer

The first symptom apart from damp clothes that prove that the dryer vent is malfunctioning is the breakdown of the dryer. It starts off by taking more time than usual to dry the clothes. Soon, users will notice that the dryer is not working at all even when it is switched on. This means that the vent is too full to pass even a puff of air. It has an adverse effect on the dryer and reduces its lifespan. Cleaning the vent, however, can change all that. Professional cleaners make sure there is not even a single particle of dust left inside the vent once they finish cleaning.

How often is it necessary to clean dryer vents?

Homeowners often question when they should clean a dryer vent if they can’t see the vent. Ideally, scheduled maintenance is always appropriate so that the cleaning company can take care of the safety of the dryer. Since it is not easy to reach the vent and clean the entire system singlehandedly, professional assistance becomes necessary. The cleaners use some of the best tools in the business that can quickly vacate the vent from all the accumulated debris and grime.

Depending on the use of the dryer, homeowners can schedule vent cleaning services every three months. Those who hardly use the dryer can contact dryer vent cleaners once a year. However, you shouldn’t delay the cleaning because no one knows the amount of dust accumulated inside until the technicians inspect the vent. Even if someone cleans the lint trap regularly, there is no guarantee that all the dirt will go away. Some of the lighter particles remain inside the trap that is hard to see. These accumulate over time to create a bigger problem.

Qualities of a dryer vent cleaning company

There are a few qualities to consider before hiring a dryer vent cleaning company. Some of these qualities are:

Qualified experts

The company should have licensed and experienced experts. This increases the chances of satisfying customers because experienced cleaners can tackle even the worst vents efficiently.

Competitive pricing

Comparing the quotations from multiple companies is the second step to finding a reliable dryer vent cleaning company. Many companies try to attract customers by offering a very pocket-friendly price. But customers also need to consider the experience of the technicians and the company before hiring them. Depending on the condition of the vent, the technician who comes to inspect will provide a free quotation. Homeowners need to compare these quotations from different service provider to select the right company.


Although dryer vent cleaning may not take a lot of time, punctuality is a crucial factor that defines the professionalism of any company. Customers can also go through the reviews of previous clients. This is to get an idea of whether the company is reliable when it comes to punctuality. Also, it will be great if the company offers flexible timing facility to the customers. The service provider should arrange a visit from the technician when the client is at home.

Service warranty and maintenance tips

Since most house owners don’t know how to maintain the dryer, the technician that comes to clean the vent should provide maintenance tips to make sure that the dryer lasts longer. Occasional cleaning is always necessary, but if the user can clean the lint trap after a few weeks, it delays the need to call the professionals for a comprehensive dryer vent cleaning.

Also, the company should offer a warranty on the service they provide. However, it depends on the usage of the dryer and the maintenance too.

Although there are many companies offering dryer vent cleaning services, Hurricane Air Duct and Carpet Cleaning is the leading service provider in Atlanta. No other company around can match their quality of service. Together with the dedication of the technicians and the use of state of the art cleaning tools, this company has reached the top in no time.

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It is a family-owned business that truly cares for the customers. The technicians believe that homeowners should feel safe when they are living in their house. But their dryer vents may have other ideas. Therefore, a thorough cleaning is essential if the dryer is not operating correctly. Their competitive pricing, licensed technicians, and prompt service are some of the reasons why everyone is impressed by this company. Call them on (404)512-2726, and they will arrange for an inspection as soon as possible. Once they take over the cleaning of the vent, house owners can rest assured that the vent will be lint-free in a few minutes.

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