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The Importance of Regular Dryer Vent Cleaning

Why does routine dryer vent cleaning matter? An experienced duct cleaner appreciates the vital importance of maintaining both unobstructed heating and cooling system ducts and spotlessly clean dryer vent surfaces. Both locations hold the potential to foment house fires. A beautifully cleaned vent or duct significantly reduces a homeowner’s risk of incurring a fire inside a wall, a ceiling, or a floor.

A dirty dryer vent sometimes permits an electrical fire to develop into a major conflagration. The U.S. Fire Administration recently revealed a statistic: reported blazes starting in clothes dryers cause 2,900 residential fires during a typical year. These accidents produce an estimated five deaths and 100 injuries annually. They account for over $35 million in property losses. Dirty dryer vents potentially contribute significantly to these house fires.

Removing Lint: An Important Task

A dryer vent exists to permit a dryer to discharge hot air outside the premises. Typically, this airflow carries along some small strands of fabric (i.e., lint). While lint screen cleaning removes most lint, a certain percentage of this potentially explosive lightweight material escapes through the screen. It travels further into the vent before falling out of the air due to gravity. Unless property owners take action to clean away this accumulation, the buildup of lint inside a vent may pose a significant fire hazard.

In addition to performing regular lint screen cleaning, consider obtaining dryer vent cleaning at intervals. A cleaned vent surface won’t fuel the fire as readily as a dirty one. It supplies a much safer connection between the appliance and the exterior of the home. This cleaning project reduces the risk that an electrical spark from the dryer will ignite lint inside the vent. Blazes in this out-of-the-way location may gradually grow undetected inside the walls of a residence or a business.

Our Cleaning Process

Hurricane LLC relies upon the skills of well-trained, experienced technicians. We use specialized tools to dislodge lint clinging to vent interiors. This type of built-in dryer exhaust channel varies in length and width from one location to another. Precise measurements enable us to use the right brushes to clean the surface of the dryer vent thoroughly. We perform complete debris removal (including cleaning away clogs and, sometimes, nests left by birds, spiders, or vermin in this location).

Of course, the complete clearing away of lint remains the most crucial aspect of our work. In some cases, a technician may perform a visual inspection to ensure the vent appears completely clean. However, in other circumstances, we must rely on careful measurements to accomplish this goal (especially in laundry facilities in large apartment complexes). We gain satisfaction knowing our efforts help property owners prevent vent fires. A thoroughly cleaned, lint-free dryer vent contributes to the safety of everyone on the premises.

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Some Important Dryer And Laundry Room Safety Precautions

While a cleaned vent surface helps reduce the chance of a fire starting in a laundry room, residents must also rely on some essential common-sense safety measures. Just a few helpful ways to promote safer conditions in laundry rooms include:

  • Never leave the premises unattended while a dryer operates;
  • Perform regular lint screen cleaning;
  • Ask a licensed electrician to install a new dryer correctly;
  • Don’t attempt to dry items in the machine that contain flammable or unsuitable materials (like plastic, foam, or rubber).

Obtain Affordable Vent Cleaning Assistance Today

Customers in the Greater Atlanta area ask Hurricane LLC to regularly visit their homes or businesses to perform vent cleaning and lint removal. Most people lack the precise commercial-grade cleaning tools we use to obtain accurate vent measurements. Mainly if you cannot count on a visual inspection to ensure lint has not clogged a vent, consider scheduling our services periodically. We help maintain thoroughly cleaned, hazard-free air ducts and vents.

Contact us at (404) 512-2726 now. You may also visit us online at to book an appointment. We offer fast, flexible service in northern Georgia. Discover all the advantages of using Hurricane LLC as your preferred vent and air duct cleaner!

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Frequently Asked Questions

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Usually, the dryer is not the issue when your garments aren’t drying. Poor dryer performance may be brought by vent deterioration, obstructions like bird nests or lint collection, and incorrect venting configurations. The professionals at Hurricane LLC can identify the root cause of your dryer problem, provide you with an estimate, and suggest fixes that will not only improve your dryer’s performance but also get rid of any potential fire threats.

Your dryer vent should ideally be cleaned once a year at the very least. Depending on how frequently you use the dryer, this advice may change.
For instance, if your home is large, this can mean that more garments need to be washed and the dryer is being used more frequently. Larger families would need to clean their dryer vent three times a year.

A crucial yet straightforward solution for many typical dryer issues is dryer vent cleaning. Here are a few indicators that you require dryer vent cleaning services:

You may have a clogged dryer vent if it takes your dryer longer to dry one load of laundry.

You might have a clogged dryer vent if you’ve found that your energy bill has gone up each month without a change in your electrical usage.

Hurricane LLC advises cleaning and inspecting your dryer vents once a year to get the most efficiency out of your dryer. We strongly advise having your vents cleaned or fixed by one of our skilled specialists, though, if you see any of these warning signals, such as heated clothes, longer drying periods, excess lint, and more, to avoid a dryer fire.

The equipment you need to clean your dryer vent manually can be available to you. However, a professional cleaner can effectively clean your dryer vent. They can clean the vent more completely and properly since they have specialized equipment that can be utilized for vents of all sizes.
Professional dryer vent cleaning can prolong the life of your vent, saving you money on repairs or replacement parts. With a thorough inspection, a skilled cleaner can also let you know if your vent has any possible issues.