Air duct Cleaning Service for Smyrna, GA

Airduct Cleaning Service For Smyrna, GA

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We offer a free online service booking: As a cleaning agency, we are always embracing new technologies in our operations. We serve in Smyrna, GA .As such, we have adopted an online booking system that will allow you to book for our services conveniently. If you want to enjoy any of our cleaning services, you can visit our website and schedule service & cleaning with ease. Our website is mobile-friendly, which means that you can book for our services from your smartphone. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), you should make air duct cleaning, hood cleaning, vent cleaning, and chimney cleaning a regular undertaking. After all, it is a part of the occupational health regulations.

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In an industry not always known for its forthrightness and honesty, we are proud to say we always put our customers first. When we offer a quote, that will be the final price you pay, period. No surprises, and no extra charges.


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For professional services for your home or business, contact Hurricane LLC.

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Recently, we have been aware that some individuals are posing as our company Hurricane Air Duct Cleaning, taking money from customers but not providing our services. Most imposters come from Facebook and pose as us. If you receive a call from someone claiming to be us, it’s always best to call our company at (404) 512-2726 to verify again. Please note that all our employees wear our company uniforms & drive cars with our Hurricane Air Duct Cleaning logo. We do not work with any subcontractors. Be cautious of fraud. We are a locally owned and operated family business. We are among the few in the area with a license from IICRC for air duct cleaning and have insurance & over 500 5-star reviews. Call Now (404) 512-2726 to get Hurricane service.

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Frequently asked questions

It’s not recommended that you clean your air ducts. That’s because it’s a dirty and challenging job, and it’s easy to damage your ductwork if you’re not experienced in doing so. It’s wise to entrust it to the experts.

We recommend cleaning your air ducts every two to five years but if you have pets, allergies, or asthma, you may need to have them cleaned more often.

Most indoor air quality issues are the result of the following:
  • Indoor and outdoor contaminated air
  • Activities such as new construction or remodeling
  • Dampness or moisture as the result of high humidity, flooding and leaks
  • Poor upkeep of the ventilation, heating and air conditioning systems
  • Limited ventilation or lack of outdoor air
  • Contaminated air entering the building

For professional services for your home or business, contact Hurricane LLC.

Contact Hurricane for your home or business service