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Air Duct and HVAC remediation is a complicated process that requires the right certification, experience, and equipment. We are the experts in our field. Our name, experience, and core values are why residents of Atlanta, GA have trusted our brand for Air Duct Cleaning for over half a century. We adhere to industry standards, providing an honest, effective, and professional duct cleaning process. We believe that duct cleaning is about technology and service.

We are grateful for the many repeat customers who continue to use our services, and we are also thankful for the many word-of-mouth referrals that we receive daily.

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Our goal is to provide exceptional customer satisfaction. We are committed to improve the indoor air you breathe. We offer FREE estimates and upfront pricing.

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Tammy Campbell
Tammy Campbell
Kevin and Derek out of Hurricane LLC’s Roswell office exceeded my expectations when it came to cleaning my dryer vent. They were on time, professional, and polite. They explained what they needed to do, showed me everything from my vent, and cleaned up once they finished. They even told me that my new dryer installed the day before, wasn’t installed correctly and fixed it for me at no additional charge. It is rare to find a company that goes out of its way to help a brand new customer, but because of Kevin and Derek, Hurricane now has a lifetime customer.
Hayley Lovitt
Hayley Lovitt
I had my ducts cleaned in 2018 when I bought my house by some other company. I chose to go with a new company this time that I hoped would be better by choosing based on reviews instead of price. These folks might be a little more expensive, but it was absolutely worth it. The job that Ido and his assistant Jose did today was amazingly thorough and respectful. I would like to continue using this company in 5 years when I do this service again, and I will leave their contact in the vendor book that I leave for the next owner of my home when I move one day. They found things in the ducts from 1965(!!!!), which tells me that before today the ducts had never been properly cleaned. Check out the photo, a nice dirty little time capsule.
Michael Patton
Michael Patton
Awesome service! Very professional and knowledgeable technicians!
Services Bosurgi
Services Bosurgi
Derick and Kevin did an amazing job. Very professional and our newly purchased home smelled much better. They were very detail oriented and we will be using them again in the future.
Matthew Peach
Matthew Peach
Ido was awesome, he was so helpful and informative. I really had a pleasure getting to know him. He did an incredible job feeding our air duct vertically through our attic. That made is incredibly skillful.
FullContact Canine
FullContact Canine
I had a great experience with Hurricane Air duct cleaning. I have large dogs and like for my house to be clean! I really appreciate the professional, punctual, and effective service I received.
Susan Ellis
Susan Ellis
Just had Kevin and Derick clean our dryer vent. Fantastic service, great pricing, and a team with a terrific attitude! Would definitely use them again!!!
Jamie Bernstein
Jamie Bernstein
Excellent services... took their time and completed the job within a day of scheduling... they eve came earlier than expected time. Will use them in the future.
Sandra Mckee
Sandra Mckee
Punctual, professional and proficient. Very happy with results. Price pretty much on par with others who do the same work.

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We provide a wide range of services for your home, including air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, Disinfection services, attic insulation, and more. We are a family-owned and operated business with a focus on quality service and customer satisfaction. Our professional technicians are friendly and knowledgeable.
Please note that all our employees wear our company uniforms & drive cars with our Hurricane Air Duct Cleaning logo. We do not work with any subcontractors. Be cautious of fraud. We have insurance & over 800 5-star reviews.
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If you work with a homeowners association or manage properties in some capacity, it’s important not to cut corners when hiring a company for attic services.

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Our goal is for our clients to be completely satisfied with the services we provide.

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To date, 98% of our treatments has been a success with reasonabe prices. We are very proud of this fact.


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Frequently asked questions

It’s not recommended that you clean your air ducts. That’s because it’s a dirty and challenging job, and it’s easy to damage your ductwork if you’re not experienced in doing so. It’s wise to entrust it to the experts.

We recommend cleaning your air ducts every two to five years but if you have pets, allergies, or asthma, you may need to have them cleaned more often.

It’s best to treat the crawl space like the other living spaces in your home if you want optimum indoor air quality, efficiency, and comfort. Spray foam insulation is an excellent solution for crawl spaces because it offers not only temperature control but also air sealing and moisture resistance.
Most indoor air quality issues are the result of the following:
  • Indoor and outdoor contaminated air
  • Activities such as new construction or remodeling
  • Dampness or moisture as the result of high humidity, flooding and leaks
  • Poor upkeep of the ventilation, heating and air conditioning systems
  • Limited ventilation or lack of outdoor air
  • Contaminated air entering the building
Yes, dryer vent fires are one of the leading causes of home fires in the United States. An average of 15,000 dryer fires are reported annually causing more than $110 million in damages. ALL dryer vents need to be cleaned at some time.

You can get sick from a flooded basement, which is why hiring professional certified contractors for a Water restoration in Hurricane is recommended. The risk of illness is primarily associated with a sewage backup flood, which occurs in the house’s basement. Water damage restoration in Georgia is performed thoroughly by a professional company as they will have the protective attire and equipment to properly assess and remove the water and damaged materials.

Yes. Many homes in Georgia were built with vented crawl spaces. While builders once believed crawl space vents allowed air and moisture to move freely out of the crawl space, they actually invite more moisture in. This can lead to issues like condensation, damaged insulation, mold growth, and rotting building materials.
UV light is often closely associated with sun rays, which also contain ultraviolet radiation. However, it is important to keep in mind that the rays used in HVAC systems are not identical to the rays from the sun. The types of UV wavelengths we see from the sun are mostly UVA and UVB rays. Meanwhile, the type of UV used in HVAC systems is UVC light. Often called germicidal UV, UVC rays are very small and energetic. This allows them to degrade pathogens far more quickly than the sun’s rays can.

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