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All About Air Duct Cleaning Services

There are only a handful of situations when most people think about their heating and air conditioning systems. They may consider those systems are there when they protect inhabitants of a home or office from outside conditions or when those systems break down and offer no protection. These people need to think more about their heating and air conditioning systems during the rest of the year. They need to consider the amount of dirt and grime that builds up in those systems and how those obstructions pollute the air and cut down on air flow. In addition, businesses and individuals should also think about getting a free quote and having the ducts cleaned. The process of getting air ducts cleaned from the company at 404 512-2726 ensures that the health of individuals, and the energy expenditures the individuals and businesses engage in, are as beneficial as possible to all involved.

What Is Air Duct

An air duct is a pipe system that is used to transport air and needs to be clean. Air transportation is most often used for the four purposes that go into the acronym HVAC. Heating warms air in a boiler or from an auxiliary heating source and uses a series of fans to blow air from the sources of heat to different parts of a building through air ducts. Ventilation simply uses the fans to move air and particulates from one area to another. Air conditioning is a more complicated process involving cooling air, removing humidity, and venting warm air outside of a building.

There are air ducts used for recirculation and for moving warm air outside and cold air inside. The air duct system is often somewhat complicated and has many facets. Some air ducts are used to move air outside of a building from different rooms. Other ducts transport air inside of rooms after it has been treated. All of these ducts have to work with a system of thermostats that regulate the temperature inside of the building. Numerous factors come into play when deciding where air ducts are located and how they are structured. Size, filter placement, and the architecture of the building play a role in determining the placement of these ducts. In many cases, air ducts are in places where they cannot possibly be viewed by the public.

They are part of the support structures of the building that make the building hospitable without negatively affecting its energy expenditures. Millions of dollars go into designing air duct systems that are both effective and mostly do their work out of sight. HVAC systems also make a number of buildings hospitable. Large portions of the country could not have considerable economic development in the 21st century without air conditioning. These include cities in the South and Southwest that have many months where 100-degree temperatures are frequent.

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The history of the air duct

Air ducts have only been particularly prominent throughout the United States for the past 100 years or so. In earlier years, buildings had more rudimentary HVAC systems. For heating, there were sometimes pipes which carried warm air to different rooms. In most cases, each major individual room had its own fireplace that had to be continuously stoked. Cooling and ventilation were similar and even more rudimentary. In some cases, cooling occurred simply through ventilation.

A building would contain a series of doors that would create an air current and improve airflow. More airflow meant that the occupants of a building would be cooler throughout the day. There was also the use of awnings and porches that produced a considerable amount of shade and dropped temperatures.

HVAC did not become a viable, all-encompassing system until the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The systems of air ducts that are now so ubiquitous in homes and businesses began in earnest in the early 1900s. At this time, William Carrier patented his famous air conditioning system. Soon, skyscrapers and office buildings, as well as large-scale homes, were all studded with series of ducts and fans to control air flow. Thermostats were developed to regulate temperature soon afterward.

Several decades after Carrier’s invention, HVAC systems requiring many feet of ducts became standard in every office building and nearly every home in the United States. A number of industries also sprang up to help serve those same ducts. One of these was the air duct cleaning industry. Companies like Hurricane Air Duct Cleaning Services all emerged with the simple goal of facilitating these vital, valuable parts of every prominent building.

Types Of Duct

There are many different types of ducts that can be implemented into the design of a building. These ducts differ primarily in terms of size and materials used. Ducts can be crafted from all sorts of materials. The most common materials are aluminum and galvanized steel. Galvanized steel is more sturdy and helps carry a greater airflow than the lighter, softer aluminum. Fabric and flexible air ducts are also used throughout buildings. Small duct systems are designed differently than their larger counterparts in buildings. These smaller air ducts have components like registers and simple grills that handle air flowing in one Direction or another. More complex air duct systems have a number of different components and additions designed to optimize space and energy considerations.

Clean your Air Ducts


When To Clean Air Ducts

One of the best times to get a company’s air duct cleaned is during a holiday or a scheduled maintenance time. Many businesses and individuals schedule all of their maintenance at the same period time during the year. This planning is done because of the inconvenience caused by maintenance. Air duct cleaning can sometimes be involved a large amount of equipment and a number of people that will make noise. It also may cause disruptions to the function of the air ducts. Those disruptions can change the effectiveness of heating or air conditioning.

For some individuals, they may schedule air duct cleaning when they are not at home or when they are at home but do not need their air duct systems. Businesses, on the other hand, almost always need their systems while they are open and ready for business. Some factories operate on a 24-hour basis and depend on earning revenue every hour of the week. This is the main reason why many factories and businesses shut down completely for a few days every year in order to perform maintenance.

None of the employees are in the office or the factory during this period. They cannot be harmed by a lack of air conditioning in a hot business or factory and they cannot be left frigid in a business that has no heat during the winter. Scheduling cleaning from Hurricane Air Duct Cleaning Services during a time when there are no employees at the business helps improve morale and keep production as high as possible while also gaining the valuable service of having ducts cleaned.


How often should you have your air ducts cleaned?

Air ducts are not always a precise system. There are some air duct systems that become much dirtier and more clogged faster than others. A systematic inspection at least every 3 years or even more frequently helps to identify the number of different possible problems with an air duct system that require an immediate cleaning. However, a regular cleaning every three to five years will constitute the basic level of maintenance that keeps systems in working order.

How to find the best air duct cleaning companies

There are a number of factors to consider when looking for a company like Hurricane Air Duct Cleaning Services at 404 512-2726 to clean your air ducts. One of these factors is an experience. The best air duct cleaning experience will come from a company that has years in the business and knows what works and what to know. A botched air duct cleaning can be hazardous. Months or years after the cleaning, a part may break or a duct may rupture. The resulting damage could cost thousands of dollars in heating and cooling repairs. Companies like Hurricane Air Duct Cleaning Services at 404 512-2726 have licensed professionals who can offer an accurate, free quote and often go through education courses and periodic training.

Another factor to consider is the equipment being used in order to clean the air duct. What type of equipment is the company attempting to clean an air duct with? Some companies want to use new methods of cleaning that may not be proven or certified by an outside organization that specializes in the cleaning and maintenance of air ducts. Dry ice air duct cleaning is an example of a popular and prominent scam that has existed for several years. With this approach to cleaning, cleaners may come to an air duct and use a relatively small amount of dry ice in a quick cleaning session.

Cleaners may then convince the business owner or landowner that they are cleaning the duct with a special technique that they have proven is effective. These individuals count on most people not bothering to go inside and check the work of the company. If they did, they would see that dry ice cleaning is nothing more than a scam designed to take individuals’ money. Traditional techniques are often the best. These techniques involve hoses, physical labor, and proprietary cleaning ingredients. They may be targeted to be environmental-friendly or to do the most thorough job possible. Asking questions of a prospective air duct cleaning company is essential before ever doing jobs as costly and important as air duct cleaning.

Possible customers must determine whether or not the story makes sense. Online research should include information about how air ducts are clean and reviews from other individuals who have used particular company services. Neither of these approaches should be taken exclusively. Online reviews are a helpful but incomplete picture of the work that a company does. At the same time, calling a company means that they will provide an individual what they think they want to hear. This dual effort will reveal affordable companies like Hurricane Air Duct Cleaning Services at 404 512-2726.


Why is air duct cleaning important?

Air duct cleaning by affordable, professional cleaners like Hurricane Air Duct Cleaning Services at 404 512-2726 is important because of the place of the air duct in an individual’s home. These ducts help dictate the health and comfort of individuals throughout a home. On some sweltering summer days and frigid winter days, they can mean the difference between staying in a home and having to find somewhere else to sleep. Air ducts also help keep the individuals inside of a home safe the other parts of the year. The air that people breathe has to be cleaned of toxins, dust, and grime. If not, they can greatly dictate the overall health and well-being of an individual.

The benefits of air duct cleaning

There are numerous benefits to professional, local air duct cleaning from a company like Hurricane Air Duct Cleaning System. One of the most important is increased energy savings. HVAC is a considerable percentage of an individual’s yearly energy costs. Boilers and auxiliary heat cost consumers a considerable amount of energy. They also have to run all hours of the day in most instances. Air conditioning is the same way. Blowing air across coils and condensing Freon both take up massive amounts of energy.

Dirty air ducts force a boiler or air conditioning system to work much harder and spend much more energy to increase or reduce temperatures. A clean air duct means that a heating system will be able to pump air freely through a system and get that air into a room as quickly as possible. The same is true for an air conditioning system which brings in cool air and removes warm air.

Another is the prevention of licensed, certified HVAC repair. Certified HVAC repair can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. It can be a complex, time-consuming process. HVAC repair often consists of consultation, examination, and repairs by professionals. Parts may have to be ordered and professionals may have time constraints from their numerous responsibilities over a wide area. A local contractor still may not be able to perform the job in a short period of time.

As a result, an individual may be interested in preventative care. An air duct cleaning may help to prevent future, significant repairs of HVAC systems down the line. They may help ensure that there are no prominent cracks or obstructions in an HVAC system that would cause that system to work too hard and blow motors. They may also help prevent leaks or spots where air is not flowing as quickly as they possibly could be. A quick cleaning by Hurricane Air Duct Cleaning Services at 404 512-2726 can often avoid these headaches.

The third prominent positive of cleaning air ducts with companies like Hurricane Air Duct Cleaning Services at 404 512-2726 is the series of health benefits that result. Dirty ducts often trap more allergens and other particles such as mold and mildew inside. Trapped particles can recirculate around a company or home thousands of times a year. Those particles can lead to allergic reactions and a headache for a large number of people. These problems can be compounded if a company is using its HVAC system for ventilation. In many instances, ventilation is used to send out bad air that is contaminated with particulates. Ventilation systems using dirty air ducts may not be doing nearly as much as the company intends.

Breathing in possibly harmful toxins can lead to individuals at a company having generally lower work output and more instances of disease. Cleaning air ducts can reduce all of these factors. It can improve the skin and the breathing of individuals even when there are no particulates involved.

This factor comes from the fact that air ducts help air conditioning work much better than they would have otherwise. The same is true for ventilation systems. Both air conditioning and ventilation are helpful in reducing humidity levels. Reduced humidity levels help out the skin and the breathing patterns of most people. Lower humidity also leads to less mold and fewer resulting allergy symptoms.




Individuals need to think more about the role that an air duct can play in their life. They need to consider how air ducts keep them safe while also making their environment as comfortable as possible. Then, they need to think about the logistics of bringing in a local company to clean the air ducts. They need to consider a company that is affordable, licensed and knows how to do the job. Some companies meet these qualifications better than others. Call 404 512-2726 to talk to a representative and professionals who will help schedule a consultation, an inspection, and a free quote to see how an air duct needs to be cleaned. With a dedicated professional by an individual side, he or she can make sure that their air duct is safe and as profitable as possible.


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