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Signs Indicating a Need For Property Duct Repair

Customers in Georgia seeking expert air duct installation and repair services turn to Hurricane LLC. We work with owners across the Greater Atlanta Area. Customers contact us whenever they’d search online for skilled ductwork, duct sealing, duct insulation, and duct repair contractor “Near Me.” Our fast service and affordable prices appeal to homeowners and business managers seeking solid value from a local contractor.


Some key signs alert customers to the need for duct repair assistance. Virtually any brand of centralized HVAC system required ductwork to help recirculate cooled (or heated) air through the premises. Yet most ducts defy easy access for cleaning or repair purposes. 


These narrow channels penetrate inside walls and underneath flooring. They typically connect the furnace an centralized AC with multiple vents. These channels help promote refreshing indoor cooling during the hottest months of the year. 

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How can a property owner determine when duct repair proves necessary? Watch for several distinct signs:

Sluggish Airflow

 Does the circulation through a duct or vent appear unusually slow? This situation may contribute to higher utility bills. It forces heating and cooling equipment to operate for longer periods of time to achieve designated indoor thermostat temperature control settings.

Insufficient Cooling

 If a customer designates an indoor temperature, yet the heating and cooling system never achieves the required degree of cooling, consider seeking a maintenance appointment. If the problem continues despite a thorough cleaning of the evaporator coils and other components, and the technician observes no visible wear and tear, it may even become necessary to conduct a duct inspection.

Visibly Damaged Ductwork

 In some situations, property owners detect damage to ducts or vents. For instance, intruding wildlife or heavy storms may cause extensive harm to ducts in homes and businesses. It proves very important to correct this type of damage as rapidly as possible to maintain the heating and cooling system’s efficiency. Our firm offers valuable, swift assistance. We aid customers by checking over ducts and vents and repairing the damage. For example, we offer duct sealing to correct gaps that may form near joints and cornices inside ducts.

Unusually Loud Performance

 An exceptionally noisy heating and the cooling system sometimes signal duct problems. For instance, if large debris builds up inside a narrow duct, the airflow may cause this material to rattle during the AC operation. Although unusual, branches or other obstructions may blow into these sites and rattle against the metal. Ask us to help resolve these types of problems quickly!

Musty, Unpleasant Odors

 Ducts pose a potent source of lingering odors sometimes. Dirt, grease, or mold may build up in these locations. We supply skilled cleaning and repair assistance.

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