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Does air duct cleaning work?

Does air duct cleaning work?  Hurricane Air Duct Cleaning Services is performed by highly trained technicians who will be using high-quality equipment designed to fit into various components of your air ventilation system without causing damage Call Now for a free Estimate  (404) 512-2726 .

Does air duct cleaning work?
Does air duct cleaning work?

Our specialized duct cleaning includes all vents, ductwork, heating and cooling equipment and cool air returns. Utilizing small hoses that can reach into the far recesses of your ventilation system, combined with our powerful HEPA-filtered vacuum machine, we are able to remove all the pollutants from your duct work.air duct cleaning work just call us now: (404) 512-2726

See our Before and After photos of registers, vents, cool air returns, dryer vents and more – our previous client photos will demonstrate the value and thoroughness of our work.

Air duct cleaning when done properly; works by using suction to vacuum all the dust, debris, pet dander, vermin droppings, dust mites, and sawdust out of your entire ventilation system. This allows for cleaner air throughout the home. The NADCA states that they have an enormous amount of anecdotal evidence that shows regular duct cleaning helps provide and maintain a much more comfortable living environment, especially for those who suffer from asthma and pollen, dust and pet allergies.
HVAC cleaning is also particularly useful for areas that get a lot of sandstorms or hurricanes, as sand can easily clog air conditioning units and ventilation systems. Keeping these essential components of your home sand and dust free will protect them from damage and save you money in the long run.
Duct cleaning also works well for homes and businesses that have been flooded or had other water exposure. Bacteria, molds, and fungus can grow in an HVAC system, causing serious health concerns for inhabitants. Do air duct cleaning work any time there has been a water breach of the ventilation system to ensure proper function and good health.
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