You are currently viewing The average cost for Air Duct Cleaning in Georgia, US

The average cost for Air Duct Cleaning in Georgia, US

Air Duct Cleaning Georgia, US average cost for  Air Duct Cleaning in Georgia

Air Duct Cleaning Georgia, US average cost
Air Duct Cleaning Georgia, US average cost

Many aspects of your home require regular maintenance to keep it in tip-top shape. Roofs may lose some shingles; water pipes need to be replaced, light fixtures upgraded or doors resealed. Every so often you may have your heat and AC system serviced. However, some may not realize that maintaining your HVAC system can go beyond changing filters and checking the motor. One very important component to your system are the air ducts, Air Duct Cleaning Georgia, US average cost just call us now (404) 512-2726 for free estimation.

What Are Air Ducts
Air ducts are the pathways in which heated or cooled air travels from your central unit to each room in your house. An air duct is usually made of galvanized steel and is often lined with duct liner or covered in duct wrap to provide insulation. An air filter placed in the HVAC system is installed and frequently changed to keep air contaminants from flowing throughout your home. However, some dirt and dust can get through over time, building up in your air ducts.

Health Problems
This dust and dirt can not only cause build up on your home furnishings but pose a health risk. Many indoor allergies are the effects of dust accumulation. This can cause unwanted symptoms such as sneezing, watery eyes, stuffy nose and even eczema, skin rashes and breathing problems.

The average cost for Air Duct Cleaning in Georgia, US
The average cost for Air Duct Cleaning in Georgia, US


When Should My Air Ducts Be Cleaned
Checking your air ducts can be done yourself or by a professional. A visual inspection is often enough to know whether or not there is an abundance of debris in the ducts. Simply remove a vent cover and check it out. Other signs of a needed air duct cleaning are smells of dust, mold or mildew, especially when the air is blowing through the vents. If someone in the home is suffering from allergies or illness, it may be a sign that there’s maintenance required. If you just aren’t sure, get a professional opinion. Most homes won’t need air ducts cleaned very often. It will largely depend on the age of the home, whether or not the filter has been changed and enough and if the system has been properly serviced over the years.

How Much Will This Set Me Back?
The cost of a service can often determine if it gets done or not. When it comes to health issues or maintenance that can affect the value of your home, the price should be less of a matter if possible. According to Home Advisor, the national average cost of air duct cleaning is around $242-$440, with the low end coming in around $119 and the high end at $657. For Georgia, the averages fall slightly cheaper at $230-$426. The variance in price is related to the size of the house and how much duct work there is.

Having air ducts cleaned is a useful service in keeping your home clean and your health up to par. It isn’t very costly and doesn’t have to be often done, so it is worth checking.

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