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5 Signs You Need To Clean Your Air Ducts 

Are you wondering whether or not you need to clean your ducts? Whether it’s a commercial or residential property, Hurricane LLC are here to help. Here are the top 5 signs of cleaning your duct immediately.

1. Visible Dust

Is there dust or dirt coming out of your vents when your HVAC system is on? Well, it’s a sign that you need to clean the air ducts immediately. Keep in mind that if you ignore the dust and other elements, they will be circulated indoors, resulting in poor indoor air quality.

2. Allergies

Are you or your family members experiencing unexplained allergies, asthma, sinus, or other respiratory problems? Well, pollutants and excessive allergens in your HVAC system might be the problem. You need air duct cleaning services immediately to alleviate this problem.

3. Visible Mold And Mildew

Mold can grow anywhere in your house, but it’s more common if you live in a humid climate. Mold exposure is linked to health issues such as eye infection, throat irritation, wheezing, coughing, skin reactions, and allergies. Mold spreads through spores, and your HVAC system may pick and circulate them through your home.

4. Poor Smell

Is there an unfamiliar smell and odor in your home? Well, it may be linked to your HVAC system. Once you switch on your AC and notice a bad smell, you need to set up an appointment immediately to have your air ducts cleaned properly.

5. Increased Energy Bills

Is there an increase in your energy bills without a clear explanation for the spike? If you have checked every other appliance in the house, your HVAC system may be the culprit. If there is too much dirt or dust, it may reduce the system’s overall efficiency, thereby spiking the energy bills. Schedule an inspection and air duct cleaning service today to reduce your energy bills considerably.

Why Choose Us?

At Hurricane LLC, we are the best choice for air duct cleaning in Atlanta, GA. We offer free estimates, affordable services, and high-quality air duct cleaning services to everyone in Atlanta and the neighboring areas. We make sure that your HVAC system is properly maintained and your indoor air quality is superior. As a professional residential and commercial air duct cleaning experts in Atlanta, GA, we are always ready to help. Call us now at (404) 512-2726, and let us clean your air ducts today.

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